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usinage aluminium nantes

PDF drawings

©Frédéric Laurès

Important note :

Goiot retains all of its intellectual property rights relating to its quotes, projects, studies of any kind, including in particular plans, drawings and diagrams, these documents cannot be communicated to third parties or used without its prior written authorization.


panneau opal flush T10

Opal Flush T10

panneau opal flush T20

Opal Flush T20

panneau opal flush T44

Opal Flush T44

panneau opal flush T54

Opal Flush T54

panneau opal flush T60

Opal Flush T60

panneau opal flush T70

Opal Flush T70


hublot opal T00

Opal T00

hublot opal T01

Opal T01

hublot opal T02

Opal T02

hublot opal T03

Opal T03

hublot opal T04

Opal T04

hublot opal T05

Opal T05

hublot opal T32

Opal T32

hublot opal T50

Opal T50

Escape hatches

Trappes de survie.png
Trappes de survie
trappe de survie secural


Steering systems

Appareils à gouverner.png
Appareils à gouverner
secteur 127318 goiot

Secteur 127318 R210 80°

secteur 96992 goiot

Secteur 96992 R300 260°