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Flat and curved glazing

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Goiot combines its technical knowledge in glazing processing with its unique metal engineering expertise to provide manufacturers with complete and custom-made ready-to-fit acrylic or glass glazing solutions : curved windscreens, panoramic glazing, structural fixed or sliding glazing...
Acrylic glazing can be curved thanks to a thermoforming process.

Glazing are supplied bare or pre-equipped with accessories, such as our Goiot hatches or portlights.

Available options

  • Custom-made aluminium frames and couterframes, anodized or lacquered finish

  • Screen printing, in order to hide the glueing areas

  • Integrated anti-slip paint

Goiot owns on its site a high-performance production tool :

  • 6 to 20 mm thick acrylic cutting and machining (maximum dimensions 3mx2m)

  • Acrylic thermoforming (maximum dimensions 3mx2m)

  • Edges polishing

  • Bending, welding, polishing, anodizing of aluminium frames

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