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Cristal portlight with deadlight

©Kheops Marine


Goiot is expanding its historic range of Cristal portlights, renowned for their great robustness, with a new model incorporating an aluminium deadlight.

Intended for professional boats, the Cristal 33.13R portlight with deadlight is particularly suitable in the event of glass breakage. It incorporates the advantages of the Cristal range : its one-piece cast aluminium structure guarantees great rigidity, while its anodized finish ensures excellent durability.


  • Anodized finish

  • Suplied as standard with a grey acrylic

  • Mounting on a flat surface with a ± 0.5 mm tolerance

  • Approved in area I

hublot cristal tape goiot

Closing system

In this configuration, the portlight is closed with knobs, for maximum sealing.

hublot cristal tape goiot

Adjustable friction

Thanks to its adjustable friction device, the opening lid can be held open in all positions.

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