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accastillage de cabine


©Nautitech Catamarans

Designed to edge bathroom shelves, or the top of every type of furniture, our aluminium fiddles help to prevent objects from falling. The compactness of our "S" model means that it can also be used as a storage area for suitcases, or in decorative inlay on the front of furniture.

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Mounting system

The tree-shaped profile fits 10 mm into a groove machined in the cabinet, facilitating assembly and guaranteeing optimum hold of the fiddles.


Anodized finish


Our fiddles are made from aluminium, anodized in a bright stainless steel style. As brilliant as chrome, easier to maintain, unalterable and completely recyclable, this finish is suitable for use in a marine environment.

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Custom-made possibilities

To meet all your specific needs, our fiddles can be personalized. Custom-made bending, machining, colours and finishes : contact Goiot for all your projects !

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