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Clamped glazing

©Kheops Marine

With its wide range of aluminium profiles, as well as the diversity of its tools, Goiot offers the possibility of manufacturing multiple combinations of fixed and opening glazing.

The frame and the counterplate of our clamped glazing are made of aluminium profile, and offered as standard in a colourless anodized finish. The glazing is made of safety glass, 5 to 15 mm thick for fixed glazing and 6 to 10 mm for sliding glazing.


  • Wall thickness : 4-16 mm / 9-21 mm / 20-32 mm, to be detailed at purchase order

  • Available in different designs, with welded miter cuts, or curved shapes (cut-out radius : 90 mm)

  • Cut-out overlapping : 10 mm

  • Minimum cut-out dimensions : 280 mm

Goiot Marine glazing is intended to equip the wheelhouses of all types of boats : fishing, rescue, service, passenger transport, river, pleasure...

Schéma vitrages fixes.jpg

Fixed glazing

Safety glass, thickness 5 to 15 mm, silicone bonded.

Schéma vitrages coulissants.jpg

Sliding glazing

Fixed safety glass glazing, thickness 6 to 10 mm, silicone bonded. Sliding safety glass glazing, thickness 6 to 10 mm, mounted in a peripheral sliding seal. Sealing by hooking system and brush seal.

  • Black anodizing or powder-coating

  • Tinted glass

  • Heating glass

  • Opening portlight with glass glazing

  • Opening hatch with glass glazing

  • ISO 614 certificate (resistance test > 180 MPA)

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