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Opal hatches

©Ludovic Fruchaud - STGI Marine

True to Goiot quality tradition, the Opal hatches range combines optimal watertightness, easy installation and aesthetism thanks to its many technical advantages.

Watertightness is done using a double contact seal. The opening lid and the lower frame, which are made from a high section aluminium profile, ensure great rigidity to the hatch, which remains discreet thanks to its low lid height (up to 19 mm for teak decks) and its invisible hinges. With its anodized finish, the Opal hatch guarantees excellent resistance to corrosion and perfect resistance over time.
The available sizes are common standards used on large series boats.



  • Anodized finish

  • Supplied as standard with a grey acrylic

  • Mounting on a flat surface with a ± 0.5 mm tolerance

  • Approved in areas IIa, III and IV (except T80 - consult us)

étanchéité panneau opal goiot

Watertightness system

The hatch features a double contact seal system. When closing, the first lip absorbs the wave while a second contact point ensures ultimate watertightness. When opening, the angled frame allows the water to drain out.

panneau opal goiot

Ergonomic interior handles


On the inside, the ergonomic shape of the handles ensures comfortable space for an excellent prehension. The handles feature a lock catch which prevents breaking in from outside.

panneau opal goiot

Telescopic stays

All models are equipped with adjustable holding stays, which can open from 0 to +/- 120° (depending on model). A full opening, up to 180°, is possible by removing stay screw.