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LuxAir hatches

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luxair goiot


Goiot presents its new glazing solution with LuxAir hatches, which open to the outside.

Light and ventilation are maximised thanks to the frameless hatch.

The 12 or 15 mm thick acrylic support glazing integrates the hatch : the whole unit is delivered assembled, ready to install. A peripheral silk-screen printing of the support PMMA is available as an option in order to mask the gluing area.

The dimensions of the glazing must be made to measure, while the dimensions of the opening part must be chosen between our two standard models.

Details :

  • Supplied as standard with a grey acrylic

  • Montage sur surface plane avec une tolérance de ± 0.5 mm

  • Approved in areas IIb, III and IV

  • Registered model

panneau luxair goiot

Locking system

On the inside, the LuxAir hatch is equipped with the Magic® handles. Designed by the C+B Lefebvre design studio, this ergonomic handle locks with a simple push, to prevent access from the outside.

panneau luxair goiot

Exterior handles

On the outside, the LuxAir hatch is fitted with black winch handles. Removable exterior handles are also provided, in order to facilitate the opening.

panneau luxair goiot

Integrated friction hinges

The LuxAir hatch opens to the outside. Thanks to its integrated friction hinges, it can be held open in all positions.

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