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Sport sliding doors and windows

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Our expertise : combine our technical know-how in glazing processing with our unique expertise in metal engineering to provide boatbuilders with complete solutions of ready to fit custom-made glazing. Sliding bay windows, sliding glazing : Goiot equips pleasure boats as well as professional vessels. Each door is designed to fit perfectly to its environment on board, integrating all assembly requirements specific to each project.

We use exclusive extruded profiles and aluminium frames. All our profiles are machined, bent and welded in our workshops before the final surface treatment process, by anodizing or powder-coating.We thus provide a finished product including the fixed frame, the glazing and the accessories.Structure, finishes, and accessories are designed and tested for marine applications.

Details :

  • Acrylic or safety glass glazing

  • Anodized finish as standard, powder-coated finish on request

  • Single rail or double rail configuration as standard. For your custom-made configurations, contact us !

porte sport goiot

Anodized finish

Thanks to a thick protective layer, the anodized finish guarantees extreme resistance to corrosion, while allowing several styles of decoration. Our Sport sliding doors and windows are thus available in Aluminium, Titanium, Carbon or Bright stainless looks.

porte sport goiot

Marinated mechanisms

The locks and closing mechanisms that equip our Sport sliding doors and windows are marinized in order to optimize their durability.

porte guillotine goiot

New ! Guillotine door

Goiot offers a new variant of its Sport door with a vertical guillotine assembly. Opening and closing are assisted thanks to a lifting system which includes a gas spring, and an electric cylinder is available as an option.


Goiot offers for its Sport range a new double rail, equipped with an anodized running track profile for improved sliding. The part in contact with the bearings offers reinforced protection against scratches and shocks, for greater longevity. The bottom rail can be mounted flush to the deck, facilitating repeated passages and allowing access for people with reduced mobility.

porte sport goiot
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