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Cristal hatches

©Ludovic Fruchaud - STGI Marine

With a lower frame made from aluminium profile and a one-piece cast aluminium lid, the famous Cristal range combines elegant lines and extreme sturdiness. Its anodized finish also guarantees excellent resistance to corrosion, and perfect resistance over time.
Available in a wide variety of sizes, it includes small hatches particularly suitable for ventilation purpose, and larger models that make excellent storage lockers.

The hinges are equipped with frictions, coupled with a compensating spring on large sizes (49.49, 61.61 and 79.79) that allow the lid to be held open in any position up to 90° (maximum opening 180°).



  • Anodized finish

  • Supplied as standard with a grey acrylic

  • Mounting on a flat surface with a tolerance of ± 0.5 mm

  • Milling diameter of the frame 5.3 mm (for M5 countersunk screws)

  • Approved in areas IIa, III and IV

  • Not approved for a use as escape hatches

panneau cristal goiot

Closing system

The 44C size and the 44.31 to 79.79 sizes are equipped with outside handles ; plastic caps are also supplied on these models, to prevent breaking in from the outside.

Poignée intérieure panneau Cristal.jpg

Ventilation position


The plastic handles have a ventilation position, obtained by turning the small handle in the opposite direction to the open position.

Panneau Cristal.jpg

Friction hinges

Hinges are equipped with frictions. Coupled with a compensating spring on large sizes, they allow the lid to be held open in any position up to 90° (maximum opening 180°).

* Fabriqué sur commande (délai additionnel)

  • Ventilator

  • Lock

  • Aluminium handles

  • Aluminium sheet metal panel