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Escape hatches

©Olivier Blanchet - Neel Trimarans

The biggest names in the competition trust Goiot and choose to equip their Formula 1 of the seas with our escape hatches. Designed to equip multihulls or racing monohulls and to withstand a hard-life environment, our products provide safety and reliability.


The escape hatches must be made open from inside and outside in case the boat capsizes.

Following models are approved for all multihulls categories, as per the latest ISO/FDIS 12216 International Standards. Mandatory on new multihulls over 12 meters, and to be installed >200 mm above the waterline.

Goiot advises installation of escape hatches in a recess or with a deflector.

Selection guide

SecurAl range

trappe survie secural goiot

SecurAl escape hatch

SurvivAl range

trappe survival goiot

SurvivAl escape hatch

Cristal range

trappe cristal goiot

Cristal escape hatch

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