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Sport'Al 30 sur Outremer 55

Sport'Al handrails

©Outremer Catamarans

With a tube diameter of only 25 mm, our range of Sport'Al handrails and foot-restraints focuses on discretion and elegance. Thus, the fixing is done from the inside, without the need for plates.

As an option, Goiot offers Sport'Al mounting plates to match the handrails.

These can then be mounted above the deck, using screw-fixed mounting plates:

  • End mounting plate Ø 60 mm

  • Middle mounting plate Ø 60 mm

Or across the deck, using load-spreading mounting plates :

  • Unique external mounting plate Ø 40 mm

  • Internal mounting plate Ø 30 mm

For specific needs, Goiot also offers custom-made foot-restraints, realized with a 30 mm diameter tube welded to mounting plates. Maximum length 3500 mm, curved profiles can be supplied.

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Sport'Al alloy

The Sport'Al alloy was developed from an aerospace-quality aluminium material. Very resistant, it offers more performance than stainless steel, but also up to 50% weight saving compared to traditional solutions.

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Anodized finish

Thanks to a thick protective layer, the anodized finish guarantees extreme resistance to corrosion, while allowing several styles of decoration. Our Sport'Al handrails are thus available in Aluminium, Titanium, Carbon or Bright stainless looks.

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Fastening system

Designed to be installed without plates, our Sport'Al handrails contribute to the refined aesthetics of contemporary decks. They can nevertheless be accompanied by optional plates which match the handrail.

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* Le style "Inox brillant" sur aluminium offre une brillance sensiblement inférieure à l'inox poli miroir, variant selon les alliages utilisés en fonction des références. Consultez-nous pour plus d'informations sur nos produits, ou pour obtenir un échantillon.

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