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Opal portlights

©Martin Coudriet - MG5

Cette gamme de hublots complète harmonieusement celle des panneaux Opal, et se distingue par des avantages techniques uniques :

  • Perfect watertightness with a one-piece thick section frame

  • Reversible counter-frame which allows to cover a large wall thickness, from 5 to 33 mm

  • Optimum visibility thanks to a non-obstructive position of the handle

The Opal portlight is equipped with adjustable friction hinges. The 46° angled frame ensures water draining and allows mounting on a tilted roof.



  • Anodized finish

  • Supplied as standard with a grey acrylic

  • Mounting on a flat surface with a ± 0.5 mm tolerance

  • Approved in areas IIb, III and IV

hublot opal goiot

Closing system

Using a sole ergonomic handle, the Opal portlight can be opened with one hand. The handle also evens out the pressure all around the seal and thus guarantees an excellent watertightness.

hublot opal goiot

Watertightness system


The Opal portlights feature a lip seal system, ensuring a perfect watertightness. The special shape of the seal allows it to be mounted in the frame, without any glue.