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LuxAir portlights

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luxair goiot

LuxAir glazing with portlights, which open on the inside, offer unprecedented ergonomics and a design that breaks with existing solutions : only two handles are required for handling the portlights, regardless of their size.

Their ultra-rigid acrylic opening, without frame, maximizes light and ventilation.

Developped with the aim of faciliting assembly, LuxAir portlights are integrated directly into their 12 ou 15 mm thick acrylic. The unit is delivered pre-assembled, ready to install.

Details :

  • Supplied as standard with a grey acrylic

  • Mounting on a flat surface

  • Approved in areas III and IV for the 48.29 model, in areas IIb, III and IV for the other models

  • Registered trademark, patented system

hublot luxair goiot

Watertightness system

The machining of the support glazing allows the integration of accessories and ensures the watertightness. When the portlight is closed, the seal installed on the opening fits into the support glazing, thus ensuring optimum sealing.

hublot luxair goiot

Interior handle

Designed by the C+B Lefebvre design studio, the interior handles of the LuxAir portlights are very discreet. With their minimalist design and their black colour, they easily blend in with the portlight.

hublot luxair goiot

Flush portlight and aluminium hinge


On the outside, the LuxAir portlight is completely flush with its support glazing. The hinge and the reinforcement are made of black anodized aluminium, for optimal resistance to corrosion and a resolutely contemporary look.

  • Special dimensions : contact Goiot for all of your projects !

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