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Projection opening glazing

©Kheops Marine


With its expertise in aluminium bending and machining, Goiot is expending its range of custom-made windows with a new profile allowing the production of projection opening glazing.

With robust design, the profiles and accessories are intended for the most severe uses. The frame, the counterplate and the hinges are made of aluminium profile and offered as standard in a colourless anodized finish. The wide seal on the opening lid ensures maximum watertightness and the handles, opening stays and locks ensure ease of use and aesthetic.


  • Wall thickness : 4-12 mm / 9-25 mm / 20-36 mm, to be detailed at purchase order

  • Available in different designs, with welded miter cuts, or curved shapes (cut-out radius : 90 mm)

  • Cut-out overlap : 12 mm

  • Minimum cut-out dimensions : 280 mm

Goiot Marine glazing is intended to equip the wheelhouses of all types of boats : fishing, rescue, service, passenger transport, river, pleasure...

vitrage à pincer à projection

Safety glass

The glass of projection opening glazing is made of safety glass, with a variable thickness between 5 and 12 mm. The glass is assembled by silicone bonding.

Vitrage ouvrant à projection

Adjustable stays

Thanks to their adjustable stays, the projection opening glazing can be held in the open position at an angle of 60°.

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