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Sliding doors

©Kheops Marine

Goiot Marine sliding doors are the result of our know-how in the design of durable equipment, and are installed on board of many professional and military vessels.
The range offers a broad combination of cinematics, finishes and options. Our design office helps you to define the door that meet your needs. Contact Goiot for all of your projects !


  • Openings and frame made of aluminium profile

  • 6 to 10 mm thick glass glazing, glued with silicone

  • Marinated mechanisms and accessories

  • Closing by European cylinder

  • Adjustable rollers with aluminium cage and stainless steel bearings

  • Powder-coating finish

  • Single key on the same set of doors

  • Interior and exterior aluminium handles

  • Acrylic glazing or aluminium sheet, thickness 6 to 10 mm, over the entire surface

  • Traverse + glazing or aluminium sheet, thickness 6 to 10 mm, on the lower part

  • ISO 614 glass glazing (180 MPA resistance test)

  • Anodized finish (maximum dimensions 3000 x 900 x 900 mm)

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